Lacquered Magnolia Wreath

I’m in need of a winter pick-me-up. Everything outside is cold and brown and my front porch has been no exception. If you read my “winter porch decorating” post, then you know what I mean.

What better way to beat the winter decorating doldrums than with a shot of color.

How about turquoise????

As in, a bright turquoise magnolia wreath!

blue magnolia wreath_opt-2

Now, I’m usually a more neutral decorator, but the front door really needed some extra pizzazz, so I went for something bolder.

Here’s how I made this lovely lacquered magnolia wreath…..

All you need is: magnolia leaves, glossy spray paint, a grapevine wreath, and hot glue.

Step 1: Gather some magnolia leaves from your neighbor’s branches that they have hauled to the curb for big trash day:) Or maybe you are lucky enough to have your own magnolia tree.

Clip the nicer leaves off of the branches. I left some of the stem on each leaf so that they’d be easier to glue into the wreath.

Also, be sure to check for spiders on the back of the leaves. I did find a live spider wrapped in a web on the back of a leaf. Yikes!

Step 2: Spread the leaves out and spray paint them in the color of your choice. I used Valspar gloss in the color Tropical Oasis. I just painted the front sides of the leaves. They dried really fast and only required one coat.

The color is “off” in these next few pics. Crafting at night does not lead to true to life colors in my photos.

magnolia wreath spray paint_opt

Step 3: Separate the magnolia leaves into 3 piles: small, medium, and large. I took an 18 inch grapevine wreath and hot glued the largest leaves around the outside to form the first layer…….

magnolia wreath first layer_opt

Step 4: Hot glue on the middle layer with the medium size leaves…..

magnolia wreath middle layer_opt

Step 5: Add a layer of small leaves in the very center to cover any grapevine that is still showing. I also tucked some more small and medium size magnolia leaves throughout the wreath to fill it out. I think I used about 75 leaves all together.

blue magnolia wreath 2_opt

I just slid a length of ribbon through some of the branches on the back of the wreath and hung it on the front door.

I chose the turquoise because blue is a wintery color, but this wreath would be beautiful in any color. Can’t you just picture a bright pink lacquered magnolia wreath for Valentine’s Day?

I don’t know how long fresh or dried magnolia wreaths last, but not forever. I have no idea how long my painted version will last, but I’ll let you know how it does for the rest of the season.

blue magnolia wreath_opt-2

Either way, the only cost for this lacquered magnolia wreath was a $5.00 grapevine wreath and a $6.00 can of spray paint. Not too shabby!

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Have a great day!


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  1. Love magnolias and now blue is showing up in my home, too! Found you on Home and Garden Thursday! Would love to have you visit.


  2. What a great idea! I love making things myself and this is truly a show stopper! I have lots of Magnolia Leaves left over from my Christmas urns and they are SO expensive I didn’t want to throw them away, now they are going to live on in a new wreath!

    1. I’m sure it will turn out beautifully! One suggestion, spray some extra leaves if you plan to keep the wreath for more than a couple of seasons. My leaves curled just a bit over the winter. It still looked great, but I needed to fill in a few gaps and was glad for the extra leaves that I’d saved.

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