Remodeling / Planking the Ceiling

We’ve decided to remodel a couple of things in the house.

Yes, those can be some scary words! But I’ve been designing this in my mind for a couple of years now and I’m really happy to be starting on it.

So, I left the construction crew here to work while the boys and I went to our weekly homeschool group.

This is what I came home to.

living room ceiling


It’s exactly what I asked for, but the bad thing is that I told the contractor that I’d take care of the painting. Just look at the amount of wood on that ceiling! This could take me awhile…

But, I’ve tackled bigger projects in the past. One day I’ll tell you about the time I stained the brick on the outside of my house… the whole house… by myself…the neighbors thought I was crazy!

Anyway, I couldn’t find a before picture, but it was just a basic vaulted ceiling with a fan/ugly light fixture in the center. The beam was trimmed out with some applied mouldings and the ceiling texture was the builder’s version of knock-down orange peel.

I’ll keep updating the process and add some more details about the projects as we go along.


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  1. Hey Carrie! I have just put up planked ceiling just like yours…I saw a picture with yours finished. How did you finish them?? Wash? Stain? Love them!

    1. Hi Jenny!
      I wanted mine to look sort of whitewashed and to still see the wood coming through a bit. I took an unconventional way to get there:)
      I actually rolled on a coat of primer and wiped it back off with a rag. It’s been quite awhile since I did these, but I think I just used a water-based primer and it may have taken two coats to get the depth of white that I wanted. I would just experiment with some scraps to get the technique down.
      There is probably a good whitewash stain available, but I used what I had on hand.
      I’d love to see how yours turn out!

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