Copper Wheat and a Fall Mantel

Can I squeeze in one last fall post?

I did a fall craft the other day and wanted to share it with you. It’s so very simple and yet very textural and interesting.

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First, I bundled some dried wheat that I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I also added a couple of faux stems that I found in my craft stash to put in the middle of each bundle to act as a bit of a filler and to add some height to the center. They were kind of spiky, grassy stems.

Next, I wrapped each bundle with 20 gauge copper wire I picked up in the HL jewelry department. Here’s some similar copper wire


Now for the good part. I spray painted the heads and the spiky ends of the wheat with a metallic copper!

I used Krylon Foil Metallic spray paint in copper. I couldn’t find that exact one online, but this copper spray paint is close…


Copper painted wheat bundle wrapped with copper wire.


A little bit closer up…

Wheat bundle painted with metallic copper paint and wrapped in copper wire.


Isn’t that a fun look?

Each spritz of the paint can felt like channeling King Midas with his golden touch;) I know it’s copper, but it’s definitely got a soft, gold undertone.

And don’t worry if it’s not perfect. I missed a few spots and even if you can see them in the photos, it’s not at all noticeable in real life. But if you really wanted each and every wheat stem coated, you could paint them individually before bundling.

These pictures of my mantel are a bit dark.  We finally got a sunny day and then I waited too long to photograph the mantel:( But Christmas is almost here and I knew it was now or never. Anywho…

Here’s what they look like on my fall mantel…

fall mantel with copper wheat bundles and velvet pumpkin



Copper wheat bundle wrapped with copper wire on a fall mantel.


For the hearth area, I always have this large wood bucket with a handle. I simply change the filler for each season…

Wood bucket with fall flowers.

I recently found this wooden horse for an excellent price at a local estate sale (it’s a reproduction piece). I have been searching for one (that was not super expensive) for a long time and wanted it to go on top of the Welsh cupboard in my dining room. Unfortunately, I overestimated the height of my ceiling or underestimated the height of the horse because it was waaay too big. So, for now it will sit by the fireplace…

Wood horse with fall wreath.


I know it’s almost the end of the fall season and we’re all gearing up for Christmas décor, but you could always Pin the copper wheat for next year.

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wheat bundle that has been spray painted with metallic copper

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