Paper Flower Spring Wreath Tutorial


I actually completed this wreath about a month ago. It was during the “in-between” season, when decorating outdoors seems a little more challenging. Christmas is over and Spring is a few months away, but you still want something pretty on the front door. I decided to make a colorful wreath since everything outside was so darn dull. I don’t do a lot of decorating for Valentine’s Day or Easter, so I thought this would carry me through until April.


Step 1: Find some old book pages and paint them with watercolors.


DSC 0379


Step 2: Cut the first basic flower shapes. It doesn’t need to be perfect. Just a kind of wonky heart shape and a wavy circle. Each flower will need 1 circle and 3 hearts. (I know, there’s 2 circles in the picture below!)

DSC 0382

Step 3: Crumple up the heart-shaped pieces and pinch them together at the bottom and use a dab of glue. You could use any kind of paper glue, but I’m an impatient crafter and grabbed the glue gun!

Paper flower pieces 2

Step 4: Start rolling up the wavy circle, glueing every so often as you go. I find it easiest to start the roll with a small jewelry tool. This is the center of the flower (the bud) and you can make this part into a tight roll or make it a little looser. Glue the bud to one of the heart shaped petals and then glue the other two petals around the other sides of the bud. (You can see an example of this a little farther down in the post.)


DSC 0386

Step 5: Cut out the part for the second kind of flower. It’s basically an oval that you cut around and around to make a spiral. Begin on the outside end and roll, glueing as you go. It takes some maneuvering to go around the corners, but this actually makes it take on a more realistic flower shape. 

DSC 0391

The little tab at the center of the spiral makes a good base to glue the bud onto.

DSC 0394

Here is what my two versions of paper flowers look like.

Paper flowers

Hot glue them to the wreath of your choice. I think my wreath was a little too big. It just seemed bare, so I added a little metal “Welcome” sign that I already had.

DSC 0402

DSC 0409

I don’t do a lot of paper crafting and this was a nice change of pace. 

What do you think?



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