Glass Etching Craft

I wanted to share a really cute craft that my boys and I did for Father’s Day. Now, I know that Dad’s day is already over for this year, but this glass etching technique could be used for other projects.

We bought some glass beer mugs, some candy, and some marshmallows from Walmart.

We also bought some glass etching cream and some letter stickers from Hobby Lobby.

I ended up buying the Armour Etch brand of etching cream.

armour etch



The first step is to apply the letter stickers to the glass. By the way, these letter “stickers” are a stretchy plastic and are reusable. I found them next to the glass etching cream at Hobby Lobby.

Then you paint the etching cream onto the open spaces. They recommended taping off around the letters, but I found that the cream was easy to work with and I didn’t really need to tape it off. A word of caution…This stuff is caustic and you should be careful! I did not let my boys do this part.

glass etch with stickers


Leave the etching cream on the glass for 60 seconds and then rinse under running water in the sink.

And this is what you get…

dad mug



On a different glass, I chose to add an initial instead of the word, “dad”. To make a straight border, place a piece of 1/4 inch tape flush with the sticker like this…


(Why, oh why can’t I edit this picture to be larger?)

Place another piece of tape directly below the first one. Then, pull off the first piece of tape (the one with the arrow).

glass etch tape border



dads day c mug

For the Father’s Day mug, we added butterscotch candies to some of them and lemon drops to one other. Then the small marshmallows were added to the top as the “foam”.

candy beer mug


I originally found the beer mug craft here. It’s such a cute idea, but I think using the etching cream just takes it to a new level by adding a personal touch.

If you decide to use the glass etching technique on a project, I’d love to see it!





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