Painting Class

So, my mom and I went to a painting class at one of our local studios called, Paint Your Art Out. We had been eyeing this cow painting on their website for a few months and they finally offered it on a night when we could both attend.

If you’ve not been to one of these, you should check it out because it’s really a lot of fun! You can bring in your own snacks and beverages and the artist will guide you through the painting. It’s amazing to see how 15 people can all be painting the same thing, but everyone’s finished product will be so unique!




I’ve been to a couple of these art classes at different studios around the city. But the main thing that I noticed is that this particular studio offers original work and the classes are led by the actual artist.




I really like the way it turned out, so I took it to Hobby Lobby and had it framed. Now I have a piece of art that I created myself. I just need to decide where to hang her!


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