Unleash your inner artist

Have you ever had the urge to grab a canvas and paint something?

Maybe you’ve felt at least a little desire to create art, but then told yourself that you’re not creative….or talented…or artistic…or any number of negative things we tell ourselves from time to time, especially when faced with something new and unfamiliar.

Or maybe you just don’t know where to start.

I consider myself something of a furniture artist or even a wall finishing artist, but not necessarily a “real” artist. To me, that word conjures up an idea of someone who paints masterpieces.

Not everyone has to be a master artist to try their hand at art.
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

But maybe there are just degrees of artists and everyone is somewhere on that spectrum.

Motivational art quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson, every artist was once an amateur.
Photo by Alex Mihis on Unsplash

Alright, enough philosophy:)

How about if you just want to exercise your

creativity and gradually improve your skills as an artist?

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I checked out this book at my local library…

It includes several step-by-step projects to practice painting flowers (which I think is my favorite subject to paint). I tried out three of them. For each painting, I mostly followed her directions and used similar colors, so my paintings are done in her (the artist who wrote the book) style.

But that’s actually a very classical way of learning any new subject. First you copy someone else who is very good at what they do and then you gradually learn to do it yourself and put your own spin on it.

And none of my paintings are “professional artist grade”…..yet. But I’m definitely having fun while learning!

My first painting is a fanciful vase of flowers using acrylic paints on a canvas…

You can paint this vase of flowers with a tutorial from the book Painted Blossoms.

The second one I painted is an abstract style of flowers using acrylic paint. I sprayed it with water to make the drippy part. This one and the one below it were both painted on art boards similar to these….

You can learn to paint these abstract flowers with a drippy look using a tutorial from a book.

The third one I tried is probably my favorite. I started by making all kinds of layers of paint and then covering parts of them up….

You can make a layered painting of flowers using acrylic paints.

Here are a couple of close up photos where you can see the layers that I first created and then turned into flowers by painting around them…

Make layers of paint and then turn them into flowers.


Blue flower with layered paint underneath and lots of texture.

This one has lots of texture…

Paint flowers with lots of texture for added interest.

And here it is in a simple Spring vignette…

Hang your own handmade art in vignettes around your home to show your unique personality.

This is not the first DIY art I’ve shown here on the blog.

You might also remember this colored pencil art I did or this set of pumpkin art that I created by using a wonderful online art course.

And now I’m really itching to paint again and to try out some other methods. I like to look at YouTube for painting tutorials, but one of my favorite ways to learn is through books…

Other painting books that look good to me:

Here’s another painting book I’m interested in trying out.

And a book on watercolor flowers.

And I want to try this book too.


 I just started an art project (mixed media) today and am looking forward to really digging in and exercising those creativity muscles:)

If you have even the slightest interest in painting or creating art, I hope I’ve given you some encouragement to get out there and try it…to take a class, take an online course, or grab a book and get started. There’s nothing to be afraid of here…it’s just paint, after all:)

You can have fun creating DIY artwork with the help of a great book.

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  1. Well done! All 3 are lovely! Also lovely is that you actually picked up a book and brushes and give it a try!! So many of us think about it, but never give it a try. You have inspired me to give it a try! Thank you!

    1. Thanks, Laurie! I hope you do give it a try because it really is so fun and energizing. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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