Life is Good at the Beach!

My husband and I just returned from a vacation in a little slice of paradise…..Hawaii.  Oahu, to be exact.

c and w hawaii_opt

It was our first time to visit Hawaii and it was stunning!

When we left home, it was 4 degrees and we had 3 inches of snow and sleet on the ground.

snow house_opt

And some 8 hours later, this was our view….

hawaii hotel view_opt

I spent several days lounging at the beach and by the hotel pool. Just soaking in the warm air, the ocean breeze, and the sound of the waves. 

While vegging on the beach, this was my view for the better part of three days….

sky hawaii_opt

Although the sunsets around our neck of the woods can be quite beautiful, there’s just something about the sun sinking down over the ocean! Every evening, it was hilarious to watch everyone grabbing their cameras and rushing out to get the best shot as the sun went down! Of course, me and my cell phone were right there with them!

hawaii sunset 2


We also drove around the north shore and visited Lanikai Beach along the way…

lanikai beach hawaii_opt-2

We sent snorkeling through the coral reef in Hanauma Bay. I’ve snorkeled a couple of times before and I’m always so mesmerized to be in this whole other world below the water. But this experience was my favorite (so far) and we even swam with a sea turtle! I wish we had taken a picture of that!


Back on land, we hiked through the tropical forest….

manoa hike hawaii_opt

 …and were rewarded with this picturesque waterfall at the top!

manoa falls hawaii_opt

But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. And pretty soon it was time to head home.

But the thing is, I was ready to see my boys and be back in my home and in my own bed. That’s when you know you are truly content with your life….when you can leave the Hawaiian beach and actually be happy to be going home 🙂

And then look forward to the next trip to paradise. 😉

 hawaii sunset_opt-2

By the way, the trip did spark some beachy/summery decorating ideas that I’m working on. Stay tuned!


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