Spring Has Sprung!

Spring has sprung….at least according to the calendar. Of course, those of you who are still getting snow aren’t feeling it quite yet.

snow house_opt(My house about 2 weeks ago.)

It seems like around the end of February, we all start getting spring fever.  We start looking forward to getting out of our sweaters and getting into our spring-y clothes. We complain about the cold and about winter.

Overall, winter starts to get a bad rap around this time of year.

It’s understandable to start getting antsy for warmer weather, but this year I got to thinking about what it would be like without winter or the changing of the seasons.

In December, winter sweeps in with its frigid temperatures and much of nature seems to go into hibernation. Trees go dormant, flowers die back, and the grass turns a drab shade of brown.

But this makes us ever more grateful for the coming of the next season. In my opinion, winter makes spring what it is! It takes the cold and dreary to truly appreciate the color and life of spring. Hmmm, sounds like a life lesson is tucked in there somewhere!

tree in bloom_opt

Don’t you love the sights and sounds of nature waking up!

spring growth_opt

So, in honor of the changing of the season, I’ve added a few springtime touches to my home….

spring entry table 2_opt


spring entry table_opt


egg wreath_opt

I just erased my Valentine’s Day chalkboard this week! Here’s the updated vignette…..

spring chalkboard_opt

spring chalkboard vignette_opt

Happy Spring!




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    1. I bought that mirror at a local boutique. It’s a mass market piece, but I don’t know who made it.

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