Valentine’s Day Chalkboard Vignette

Yesterday I showed pictures of my romantic fireplace mantel.

I also decorated one other spot in my house for Valentine’s Day.

I  have a cabinet in my dining room that lends itself to changing up the decor for the seasons….

valentine vignette 1_opt

For the chalkboard, I printed this graphic from The Graphics Fairy….



To transfer the graphic to the chalkboard, I rubbed chalk all over the back of the printed paper. Then I flipped it over and placed it on top of the chalkboard and used a pencil to trace around the bee and wreath. When I removed the paper, the design was outlined in chalk.

Then I traced over it and added some of the details.

It sounds complicated, but it really took very little time….


valentine chalkboard_opt


When I was at the nursery picking up some plants for my front porch, I spied this pink cyclamen and just had to bring it home…..


cyclamen 2_opt


Apparently, cyclamen really like cooler temperatures. I read that they prefer home temperatures of about 65 degrees. But that’s a little too cool for the people in this house, considering that it’s about 20 degrees outside!

Anyway, I think the warmer temps from running the heater are causing the leaves to yellow a bit. But it’s still flowering beautifully. Check out these cute little buds that are unfurling….

cyclamen 1_opt


I also did not have a planter that this would fit in, so I wrapped the plastic pot with a thick burlap ribbon.

valentine vignette 1_opt


Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you have a great weekend!


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    1. Thank you. I usually use chalkboard printables but decided to actually write on the chalkboard this time!

  1. Yes, and I also love the flowers as it gives a ‘spring’ of hope since we are so cold here with snow on the ground. The pink is such a beautiful color.

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