Woodland Glam Christmas Living Room

Woodland glam…is that a thing? I don’t know if it truly is, but it’s the phrase that came to me when I was figuring out my Christmas decor for this year. I know it’s late in the decorating season, but if you see an idea that you like, maybe you can Pin it for next year!?

I don’t know about you, but I tend to keep some things the same or very similar from year to year. But in other areas, I totally change it up. My fireplace mantel is one place that I like to spice up each year.

This year, I had that “Woodland Glam” phrase in mind when I decorated for Christmas….maybe a bit of rustic with a dash of elegance and I had to add a little French country.

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Here’s what I came up with for the mantel…

A woodland glam Christmas mantel with trees and crystals.

I added faux greenery and little trees in a mixture of textures and sizes. Most of these trees came from Target, but I’m not sure if they are carrying them anymore. I looked online for some that are a bit more realistic and found one here , here, and here.

Then I added brass candlesticks, and some vintage ornaments…..

A rustic and elegant Christmas mantel.

On each of the trees, I added a few chandelier crystals…

A "woodland glam" mantel with small trees and crystals.

A trio of antique mirrors serves as the backdrop…

Christmas mantel with antique mirrors.

There’s nothing “woodland glam” about the stockings, but I love them anyways and I think they blend well.

Handmade stockings from quilts and sweaters.

I made the stockings last year out of quilt pieces and a sweater that was my husband’s first Christmas gift to me when we were still dating.

To make them, I traced a stocking I had on hand, using a plain linen-colored fabric. Then, I used scraps of quilt remnants that I found on ebay and antique shops, plus some ticking fabric to make the fronts. I cut the fabric, placed the front and back right sides together, and sewed them. I also added the sweater trim at the top and a loop of ribbon to hang them. The seams where the different fabrics meet are covered with different kinds of white ribbon and lace.

The tags are made of pottery clay that I simply cut into circles and then poked a hole in the top. Then I took them to be fired and glazed at a local ceramic/pottery store. I used a black paint pen to write each initial.

For the girls’ stockings (mine and my daughter’s), I added some extra ribbons and lace hanging from the top……

Little girl's stocking from a vintage quilt.

A bit of woodland glam for the tree…

Our Christmas tree stayed much the same as usual. But I did buy something new to add to the “woodland glam” feel. I purchased this white fur trim (affiliate link) to use as a garland and I absolutely love the way it looks on the tree! It reminds me of snow. I used two of these spools of fur and I might even consider adding one more for next year…

A white fur garland on the Christmas tree.

To keep it feeling like “me”, I had to add in some more French country with my “Joyeux Noël” sign that I hang here every Christmas….

Joyeux noel banner sign from sheet music.

The angel on the top of our tree is an inexpensive one that I gave makeover to a few years ago. You can see that tutorial here.

Woodland glam Christmas decor in the living room.

A rustic, elegant, French country living room dressed for Christmas.

And even though I may only light these candles once or twice this season, they sure look pretty reflected in the mirror…

Brass candlesticks in mass on the Christmas mantel.

And, of course, everything is so much more magical at night. The soft glow of lights from the tree is one of my very favorite parts of the season!

A French country Christmas living room.

And here’s another favorite part of the season…family time at Christmas break. You can see one of my sons with his feet up on the coffee table, a bowl of popcorn in his lap, and the beginning of a Christmas movie on tv. My other son was up getting a snack and then we all snuggled into our big sectional couch together. It doesn’t get much better to me than that!

Christmas movie time in the living room.

Up next, I’ve got a few pictures of my version of “woodland glam” in the dining room.

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