Simple, Colorful Easter Table

There is currently a huge hole in the ceiling of my sunroom.

We had to remove drywall that was water damaged from a leak around the skylight. I asked my husband this evening about when said damage would be repaired because we typically host our extended family for Easter lunch.

Then I looked at the calendar and realized that Easter is barely over two weeks away! Yikes!

I still have pinecones and evergreens sprinkled around and not an egg or bunny in sight. So I guess I’d better get busy.

Actually, I’m about as ready to change the accessories around here as I am for the actual coming of Spring time (which means very ready). But until then, here are a few photos from last year’s colorful Easter table.

This one may be my favorite Easter tablescape so far and it was probably the easiest I’ve put together.

I apologize in advance for how few photos there are of this tablescape. I either lost some or didn’t take very many:(

Also, there are a couple of affiliate links in this post so you can find some of the things I used.


The table covering:

Lay black craft paper (from a roll) down the length of your table and tape underneath. Similar here.

The one I linked to is a 36 inch width, which was just a tad bit too narrow for my table, so I used two rows and made the overlap seam go straight down the center of the table. Double-sided tape helped the center seam to lie flat.

Lay black paper as a tablecloth and draw fancy placemats around your dishes with a white chalk pen.

Next, set all of your large plates and silverware down on the table so you can get them lined up in the places you will want them to stay. Then use a white chalk marker to draw placemats around these place settings. The “placemats” down the sides of the table were drawn in a rectangular shape (see above) and the ones at the ends of the table were round (see below)….

Use a chalk marker on black paper to draw placemats.

I also drew little spring flowers ? around and between the place settings. I used my favorite awesome chalk lettering book as inspiration for the flowers. But, darn it, I didn’t end up with any pictures of those. I guess you’ll just have to use your imagination or, better yet, get the book and then you can doodle your own:) ?


Place settings:

I used white plates (from Kohl’s), white bowls, and my grandmother’s silverware. I didn’t have enough matching glasses for our large family gathering, so I used some of my bee glasses (similar here) and borrowed some plain glasses from my mother. The colorful napkins came from World Market. I don’t think they have this exact napkin any longer, but they usually have a good selection and the prices are great. As for the bunny place card holders, they came from Target.

Easter place setting with white plate and colorful napkin.

The centerpiece:

The centerpiece was as easy as it gets. I just took grocery store tulips and placed them in an ironstone pitcher…

Bright yellow tulips are the centerpiece on the Easter table.

Small glass vases and bottles held single stems of flowers and greenery to round out the rest of the table….

Single stems in vases for a spring/ Easter table.

The white box (I think it’s milk glass) with the bunny on the top came from an estate sale…

Yellow tulips in ironstone and a milk glass bunny make an easy Easter centerpiece.

This really was an easy tablescape and turned out so pretty with the vivid pops of pink and yellow and white against that black background.

Colorful Easter tablescape with black paper and a chalk pen.


And as a bonus, the paper on the table made clean up a piece of cake!

Now, I’m ready to start designing this year’s tablescape. I just got some new plates so I’ll show how that comes together next week.

As close as we are to Easter, my guests may end up having to see that gaping hole in the sunroom ceiling. But I’m pretty sure that at least the table will be cute!


A colorful DIY Easter table with black craft paper, a chalk pen, and grocery store flowers.


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  1. So beautiful and welcoming. Love the black craft paper with the white chalk. Very clever!! I wouldn’t worry about the hole in the ceiling because I’m pretty sure we all have unfinished ‘projects’ at home!!

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