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A Fall Décor Tutorial

Are you on the hunt for some easy, Fall décor ideas? Me too!

If pumpkins, fall florals, and feathers sounds about right, then read on for a simple Fall décor tutorial.

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Step 1:

I found this twiggy floral pick in my fall stash, cut it apart, and loosely formed a circle.

faux leafy twigs in a circle

Step 2:

Put a nest inside of the twiggy circle. You could also make a simple nest shape with grapevine or another twiggy floral pick. It’s really just to add some elevation.

faux bird's nest


I see you eyeing those eggs and wondering if this is a Spring tutorial;)


Step 3:

Next, I found another floral pick that had these fall colored “berries”. I cut this one apart, too, and randomly placed them on and around the nest.

faux bird's nest with fall berries


See, not looking much like Spring anymore.


Step 4:

Scatter some dried hydrangea petals on the nest. If you don’t have dried hydrangea, then silk/faux hydrangea (or really any small petals) would work just as well.

faux bird's nest with fall berries and dried hydrangea petals

Step 5:

Plop a pumpkin on top of the nest. This one is a velvet pumpkin that I made a couple of years ago, but another faux pumpkin or a real one would be just as lovely.

orange velvet pumpkin sitting atop a nest

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Step 6:

Poke a few feathers in behind the pumpkin.

orange velvet pumpkin with three feathers behind it and sitting on a nest

I bought my feathers at Hobby Lobby, but aren’t these so pretty, too?…..

craft feathers

Step 7:

If you have one, put a cloche over the top….

orange velvet pumpkin with feathers behind it sitting on a nest and under a glass cloche

If you don’t have one, here is a cloche you might like.

Or maybe try a different type of “cloche” (similar cloche here)….

orange velvet pumpkin with feathers behind it sitting on a nest and under a glass cloche

Easy, peasy.


Now, if you’d like to take it up another notch, you can add your cute little pumpkin-on-a-nest to a larger Fall vignette.

I added a couple more velvet pumpkins, a mini hay bale, and some Indian corn. Then I put the whole thing on a large bread board and scattered on a few more dried hydrangea petals….

velvet pumpkins on a breadboard


velvet pumpkins on a breadboard


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Happy Fall decorating to you!

orange velvet pumpkin with feathers behind it sitting on a nest and under a glass cloche



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    1. Hi Tressa! I’ve had this cloche for quite a few years. I think I bought it at a local boutique.

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