Kitchen Remodel: Pictures of the Progress

How many of you want to remodel your kitchen?

Well, let me tell you, it’s not for the faint of heart! As it drags on and on, I think I’ve forgotten what a home-cooked meal tastes like. ?

But the reality is that the kitchen remodel is moving along….take a look at some of the pictures of our progress.

The last piece of the cabinetry (the hutch on the left) has been installed….

bare wood cabinets in a kitchen remodel

Here’s what the other side of the kitchen looks like…

french country kitchen with bare wood cabinets

The kitchen remodel: pictures of the paint finishes….

kitchen remodel blue and white painted cabinets

I went with a warm gray that almost reads white, a dusty blue, and a few stained accents. The stain on the sink cabinet is not quite dark enough and will need to be over-stained.

You can also a few of my other choices in that last picture. I went with marble for the countertops, a cast iron apron-front sink, and reclaimed wood for the window header.

On the other side, I decided to paint the lowers blue and leave all the rest warm gray…..

french country kitchen with two tone painted cabinets

You can see my new gas stove in the picture above, too. I’ve never had a gas stove in any of the places I’ve lived, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it cooks.

The guys who installed the countertops and the stove had never seen this type before. They thought the stove was a grill for the backyard. ?

I’m also getting something else I’ve never had before….a pantry!

In the old kitchen, out food was in three separate places in the cabinets. Needless to say, it was not efficient.

The pantry and window:

Here is the beginning framing of the new, kitchen pantry…

framing a new pantry

I know that it doesn’t look like much yet, but that little pantry space is one of the things I’m most looking forward to in the new space!

We also had the old window replaced. We opted for a wood interior window with a vinyl (or something else weatherproof; I can’t remember the material) exterior. I’m going to stain it dark brown….

wood windows

We’re actually quite a bit farther along on the kitchen remodel at this point, but I have too many pictures to show in one post. We’ve got to get the pantry finished and I’ve got to get going on my part. As a trained faux finisher, I have decided to do my own plaster finishes on the walls and the vent hood.

Related: Plaster finish ideas for the kitchen.

In addition, I’ll be doing some of the other wall and ceiling painting.

In other words, I’m about to be really busy.

See part 1 of the kitchen remodel here. (it’s pretty bad, so look at your own risk ?)

See part 2 of the kitchen remodel here.

See the finished kitchen remodel here.

And if you are getting ready for a remodel or still in the dreaming phase, grab a copy of my kitchen designing checklist. It’s 5 pages of design decisions that you will need to make when remodeling your own kitchen. 

kitchen remodel progress blue and white painted cabinets

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  1. I Love your updates since I’m home most of the time. Thank you Carrie, very much. Love, Vicki

  2. So gorgeous, Carrie! Love the colors, and the finishes. I have a single sink in MWA… first time I have ever had one, and I will never go back! 😉 (I hope!)

    1. Thank you, Julie! I’ve just recently been able to finally start using the sink a bit and I think I’m going to love it! Thanks for taking the time to comment; it makes my day:)

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