How to Make a Twig and Felt Flower Letter

I have a simple craft tutorial for you today….how to make a twig letter that’s embellished with felt flowers.

I’ve seen several variations of these twiggy initials online, and decided to come up with a DIY version.  The letter “R” I created became a door hanger for my daughter’s room.


Materials needed to create a twig letter:

twigs/sticks (try to find some with a little give; if they are all stiff, they will snap when you shape them)

wire (about 22 gauge)

hot glue

felt flowers

a few flower leaves (faux)

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How to make a twig and felt flower letter



Gather your supplies and wire your stick letter together.

*Remember, to find or buy twigs that have a bit of give. I bought some that were real and were a little stiff and some that were faux and were very bendy. I used both.

If your letter is very curvy (like the letter “C”), you probably want to buy some faux sticks with a lot of give. These will likely need to be plastic or something with wire inside. The good news is that the faux flowers and twigs that are on the market nowadays are often quite realistic.

Group the twigs into the basic form of the letter you are creating. In my case, I was making the letter “R”, so I started with its “back” piece. I bunched the sticks together and secured them with wire….

twigs bunched together and secured with wire


Next, I made a second bundle of the “bendier” twigs….

two sets of twigs bunched together to start forming a letter


I shaped it and then attached it to the first bunch with wire….

twigs bunched together to form letter p

Feel free to stop here if your name begins with the letter “P”. ?


My daughter’s initial is an “R”, so I continued by wiring on the final “leg” piece….

twigs bunched together to form letter r


And then trimmed it up a little bit…..

twigs bunched together to form letter r




Next comes the fun part….the pretty felt flowers!


I bought this beautiful set of pre-made felt flowers on Etsy (the seller makes several other colors and styles as well)….

flowers made from felt


Or here’s a set of peach felt flowers you might like…or some blush felt flowers….or some with bright coral and turquoise.

If you’d rather try your hand at making them, I found several tutorials on Pinterest. The ones pictured below are particularly pretty and you can find the instructions to make felt flowers here.

flowers made from felt
via Melly Sews


Once I gathered the flowers into a few groupings, I played around with them until I got the look I was going for.

Then I simply hot glued them to the twig letter, making sure to cover the places where I used wire to join the twigs….

twig letter r embellished with felt flowers


I also added a few faux (silk) flowers and some silk leaves behind some of the felt flowers just to give it a little more texture….

felt flowers on a twiggy stick letter


Here is her twig letter “R” hanging on her bedroom door….


twig letter initial with felt flowers hanging on door


I had quite a few flowers leftover, so I made some more groupings….

felt flower bunches


Then, I glued them to a piece of craft felt…

felt flowers with felt, ribbon, and twigs glued to the back


Again, I wanted a bit more texture. This time I glued a couple smaller twig pieces to the back, along with a ribbon….

felt flowers with felt, ribbon, and twigs glued to the back


I attached them to her headboard just to dress it up a bit….

felt flowers embellishing an antique bed

felt flowers decorating an antique headboard


The felt flowers are on the top edges of her antique headboard….

French country little girl's bedroom

See the rest of her French country room makeover here.

I think these twig letters would look great in a nursery, a girl’s room, or even a woman’s office or craft room.

You could also just use the felt flowers in wreaths, hair bands and pins, pillow covers, or even add faux stems and put them in a vase.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial….have a great weekend!


You might not be ready to create a twig letter right now, but you could always pin this for later!

twig initials and decorating with felt flowers


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  1. This is so inspirational! I love your step by step guides. I’m not very crafty but even I could manage this with your guidance – thanks for sharing! Samantha

    1. Samantha, thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement! I’m very glad you enjoyed the tutorial.

  2. I’m a newbie and have so enjoyed looking at your site and tutorials. I agree with Samanthas comment, your attention to details on a project and great pictures inspires me to give things a new look. ❤️

    1. Thank you, Kelly! I’m so glad you are enjoying my blog and are feeling inspired. I know how great I feel when I can create something for myself, for my family, or for my home and I absolutely love it when others feel that way too! You can do it!

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