31 Days of French-Inspired Style Day 6: Statues and Urns

Statues and urns are design elements that you will see in most French-inspired spaces.

Of course you can use them outside….

Or you might bring one inside and fill it with dried hydrangeas……

b6133ce387791f20696213954c405e79_optsource unknown

These urns are simply filled with moss.

How about pumpkins and gourds for a fall display…..

Here is an urn from my front porch. I have one on either side of the front door and I keep ferns in them during the spring and summer. They are actually made from some kind of fiberglass or lightweight outdoor material and came from 2 different pieces. I bought the urn part from an outdoor store and the base came from Wal-Mart (several years ago). It had this pineapple top that I cut off and then glued the two pieces together.

Collage urn_opt

Garden statues are also popular in French-style design. They can be used indoors and out.

Here is my cute little statue that also sits on the front porch (for now, at least). He might even, from time to time, wear a Santa hat at Christmas or  a halo of flowers in the spring.


I’ve also seen statues wearing necklaces or even a beautiful rosary.


Finally, there are statues called Santos (Spanish for ‘saints’). These were originally religious statues and have their beginnings in Spain, but you will frequently find them in French-inspired spaces. There are also statues called bastidors or cage dolls. These have an upper body which is sitting atop a frame.


Some people love these and others….not so much. What do you think about Santos and cage dolls? Beautiful or a bit creepy?

Personally, I like most of them. I think they look very thoughtful and peaceful.

Either way, bringing in old garden statues and old, chipped and crusty urns are a great way to bring some French style to your home.



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  1. I love the urns. They can go anywhere and you can switch out different things to put inside them.

    1. I know what you mean about the Santos. Most people either love ’em or hate ’em!

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