31 Days of French-Inspired Style Day 8: Chandeliers and Lighting

Chandeliers got their start in the 1400’s in France. Of course, they were candles, then! In fact, the French word ‘chandelle’ means ‘candle’.

Here is a modern-day ‘candelier’…


This one is so cute with the pumpkin in the center…

d0d900530071b7a6f83fb878ca46fdc2source unknown

If you want to try your hand at it, there are many DIY candle chandelier ideas on Pinterest.

Of course, when most people think of French chandeliers, they think of something like this…


Or maybe a pair of sconces just dripping with crystals. I love how these gorgeous sconces are displayed on the planked wall!

73ca552ce8afa01276d59889ee4e1a36_optsource unknown

Here’s a wrought iron chandelier. It’s a heavier look, but is still very French country….

What do you think about this whimsical, French hot air balloon chandelier? I love it!


There are other types of French-inspired lighting, such as this candelabrum…


I’ve seen so many of these little candelabra at estate sales and I’ve always passed right by. After seeing what this homeowner did with one, I might have to start looking a little closer….

c6_opt source

I have a real “thing” for chandeliers. I realized the other day, that I have 7 chandeliers in my house! Here is the one in my dining room that I scored off of ebay for an awesome deal…

dining chandelier_opt

If you’d like to know how I “hung” it with rope, click here.

It’s also becoming very common today to see chandeliers with wood or wood-look pieces. I think they are more Italian-inspired, but are seen in so many French-inspired rooms. They are some of my favorites and I have a smaller one in my bedroom and a larger one in my living room. The two I have are Salento by Quorum Lighting and are the most reasonably priced that I could find.

This is the chandelier in my living room…

living rm chandelier_opt

See you tomorrow!



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