31 Days of French-Inspired Style Day 15: China and Pottery

Ok, so the English have some of the best china and porcelain. Think ironstone and transferware (including Flow Blue).

The good news is that these English plates, mugs, bowls, and soup tureens look great in French-inspired rooms!


source unknown

 Pretty, brown transferware….

84f7f457bac2ff696b3ddda4a467ec26_opt source unknown

These are a collection of sugar pots that are actually French…



The all-white look can be stunning when grouped together…

3eb08e36f55d1e19f97ab1b7487b06dc_opt source

One of the most well-known types of French porcelain is Limoges…..

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While many people love Limoges and it is collectible, it may not always fit in with the French country look. To me, it seems to fit in very well with Shabby Chic or maybe a dressier, more formal French style.

These blue and white pieces are pretty…


One type of French pottery that’s very collectible is the confit pot….

9babff2da6436c138b639d97073095c5_opt source

Now, where do we put all these beautiful pieces?

How about in an antique French china cabinet…..



Or maybe a painted cabinet like this….


source unknown

I love this one….


source unknown

love this one too….


 source unknown

This china cabinet was part of my Craigslist dining table set. I painted it with chalk paint and added fabric panels to the back to give it some color….

china cabinet 1_opt

china cabinet 2_opt

I left the top of the lower cabinet part unpainted. I just touched up the stain to make it darker. Also, I often paint right over the hardware, like I did on the handles and hinges on this piece. I wanted them to blend in rather than stand out….

china cabinet 3_opt

See you tomorrow!


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