31 Days of French-Inspired Style Day 24: Kitchens

How many times have we heard that, “Kitchens are the heart of the home”? I believe that this statement is true. I also believe that some of the most beautiful kitchens are French country.

We’ve lived in our home for 7 years and we decided early on that we were only going to do cosmetic updates until we were ready to redo the whole thing. So, we added beadboard to the backsplash, painted the upper cabinets cream with a glaze and the lower cabinets a warm, dark brown, changed out the hardware, and of course, I added a chandelier…..

sink window roosters_opt

kitchen cabinets 3_opt

We kept the ancient appliances and the laminate countertops because I’d rather live with a functional kitchen now and save up for what I really want later.

The kitchen is my least favorite room in my house (I wonder if that’s why I hate to cook), and I’m just biding my time until we can remodel it.

When we do remodel, I’d like an integrated refrigerator (or at least semi-integrated), which is a fancy way of saying I would like it to be hidden behind wood panels like this…



I’d also like a vent hood similar to this…


source unknown

or maybe a smaller version of this….



Stone floors or tile that looks like limestone…


source unknown

maybe some brick like what is above this window…



I’d definitely love to have an apron front sink and a wide, deep window where I could put plants and herbs on the ledge…



Here are some of my favorite kitchens:

I love the colors, the arch, and the vent hood in this kitchen…


source unknown

This one looks so sophisticated to me. Love the beams, lanterns, and valances!



I really like the contrast of the chandelier, sconce, and the wood table in this picture…


source unknown

In this kitchen, I really like the metal-topped island, the brown toile curtains, and the glass front pantry…


source unknown

This one has always been one of my faves. It’s a tad bit formal for me and I’m not sure the pink would be great in my house, but there’s just something about this one that I like to look at….



This one is lovely in French blue… Picture 23057


Love the floor, the tall cabinets, the French blue island…



Hope you enjoyed these French-inspired kitchens.

See you tomorrow!


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