31 Days of French-Inspired Style Day 19: Wall Finishes

Wall finishes can fade into the background or they can act as more of a focal point.

Most French-inspired wall finishes are in a light, neutral color…



This one is a deeper, ochre yellow but I still think of it as fairly neutral…



Many French-inspired rooms are white or cream….



There are exceptions, though, like this…



Now this distressed finish might be too much for some, but I love it!

Plaster is also very popular…

via providence ltd


I tend to like plaster that looks aged like this finish in my kitchen…

kitchen wall_opt

and this is the distressed plaster finish in my living room…

living room wall finish_opt

I’ve taken several faux finishing courses and have done all of the wall finishes in my home. The one of my living room, shown above, is made up of several layers of plaster. The intention is for it to look as though it has been chipped and worn away in places. A funny story about this finish…I had an older lady ask me if I had removed wallpaper from the walls. I guess she thought the worn places were leftover wallpaper 🙂 I wonder what she’d say about the heavily distressed blue finish pictured above?

To each her own, right?

What wall finishes do you like? All white, lots of color, plaster?


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  1. Haha! Funny story! Bless her heart. I bet she was embarrassed when she found out your wall treatment was exactly how you planned it. I think it’s beautiful!

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