31 Days of French-Inspired Style Day 26: Dining Rooms

My dining room was recently remodeled and it’s now one of my favorite rooms in the house. Of course it was previously my painting room and was filled with metal racks, so it’s definitely come a long way!

dining 1_opt

While the remodel is complete, the dining room is not fully decorated yet. I’m trying to find one more small cabinet and I need to finish a large chalkboard. Plus I’m on the hunt for some plates and platters to hang on the wall.

One of the first places to start when decorating a dining room has to be the table. For a French-inspired space, you could go with something simple like this…



or something a little curvier and a little more ornate like my table


Maybe a round one, for a smaller dining room…



I love this trestle table! It’s a refectory table, which means that both ends extend to make the table longer…



For French-inspired dining room chairs, how about these tufted beauties…



Oval back chairs are also very popular…


source unknown

Of course, cane-back chairs are seen a lot in French style. You can see some more examples of those, here.

Or you could do something totally unexpected, like these metal chairs…

Here are a few of my favorite dining rooms:

I really like these white platters on the wall and the white and green color scheme…


source unknown

Love this distressed wall finish!



Here’s one with beautiful panels and a pretty greenish gray color…


source unknown



This one is pretty traditional, but I really like the colors and all the woodwork.

See you tomorrow!


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  1. Just found you and can’t wait to catch up!! Rehabbing my 114 year old Craftsman in Texas and I’m a Frenchaholic?

    1. Hi Sandra! It’s always great to meet a fellow Francophile:) There’s not much I like better than old houses with character and French style and I’d love to see how your rehab goes. I hope you’ll subscribe to my blog so we can stay in touch!

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