31 Days of French-Inspired Style Day 10: Mirrors

One of my favorite ways to add some French style to a room is with mirrors. They add light, the illusion of more space, and some architectural interest.

They can be grand and gilded like this…

source unknown

Or carved from wood like this…


Or painted, like this beautiful gray mirror….


They even look fabulous when the frame is chippy and the mirror is tarnished and worn….


Another great trick with mirrors is to layer them like this…


Or maybe add a collection of mirrors to the wall….

source unknown

Of course, the most famous type of French mirror is the trumeau mirror. I absolutely love these!!!


Here’s my powder room mirror. It’s frame is chipped and I love it anyway…

powder room mirror 1_opt

I also have a mirror that my grandmother was selling in a garage sale. I rescued it and did a little decoupage on the frame about 7 or 8 years ago. I think it might be time for a change and I’m considering reworking it into a sort of trumeau mirror. If you’d like to try your hand at a DIY trumeau mirror, there are several good tutorials on Pinterest.

See you tomorrow!


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