No Two Snowflakes are the Same

No, the title is not a metaphor for personal individuality:) I’m talking about literal snowflakes. Well, literal paper and crocheted snowflakes.

You see, it’s been freezing cold this winter where I live, but not a snowflake in sight.

Bitterly cold…check.

Below freezing wind chills…check.

Fluffy white snow….hmm, no.

On the bright side, our winter precipitation is usually accompanied by ice, so I guess we’ve dodged that so far.

Anyway, if I can’t have snow outside, then I’ll create some inside.

So if you like snow or at least the look of snow, read on for 3 ways to create snowflake décor.

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Crocheted Snowflakes:

In the past, I’ve made paper snowflakes for the dining room windows. But this year, I got an idea to use crocheted doilies. I have several of them and had planned to hit an estate sale or two last weekend to find some more. But the other day I was shopping at Hobby Lobby and rounded a corner and lo and behold….

Packaged doilies from Hobby Lobby for crocheted snowflakes.

Pre-made doilies!

And they are pure white, which many of the ones you find at estate sales are not. I was thinking about those older doilies and wondered if they could be bleached or if Rit Color Remover would work.

If you can’t find them locally, I found a few more white doilies here and some smaller white doilies here. Both of these were at a very reasonable price, too.

Anyway, I took my new doilies and I placed each one on a cookie sheet covered with wax paper.

Then, I poured a pretty decent amount of fabric stiffener all over them and used my fingers to make sure it was well-distributed on both sides. I’ve also heard that you can use a glue/water mixture or liquid starch, but I already had the fabric stiffener, so that’s what I used.

Doily with fabric stiffener to make snowflakes.

By the way, this totally brings back memories of my mom making these baskets with big fabric bows on the handles! I think they were made with the same fabric stiffener.

Does anyone else remember those?

If not, look on Etsy and search for “stiff floral bow basket”. Hey, mom, you should have kept those baskets because people are buying them again:)

Ok, back to the crocheted snowflakes.

Next, I placed them on a fresh sheet of waxed paper and laid each on the dining room table to dry overnight.

Lastly, I tied a length of clear thread to each and then looped that around a clear 3M clip on my window.

Voila! Crocheted snowflakes!

Crocheted snowflakes on dining room window.

I know they’re a bit tough to see in the wide angle photograph. Seriously, how do you photograph windows?!

Here are a couple of closer up shots…

Large crocheted snowflake.

Small knitted crocheted snowflake.


Chalkboard Snowflakes:

I also added some chalk snowflakes to my winter décor this year…

Winter vignette with wood beads and chalkboard snowflakes.

If you’re interested, you can find my tutorial on the beaded garland here.

And here are some more chalkboard snowflakes on the porch…

Porch chalkboard with snowflakes and gingham.

I’ve used this chalkboard book to learn some lettering and drawing techniques and I love it!

It’s my go-to guide for chalkboard drawing now.

This book has a tutorial for each of the snowflakes that I drew.


Paper Snowflakes:

This one is an elementary school throwback:)

I have always loved cutting snowflakes out of paper. There’s just something about making all of those random snips in the folded paper and then opening it up to reveal a “snowflake”. And while I love making random snowflakes, this year I also decided to try a tutorial or two. I just got onto Youtube and searched for “paper snowflake” and lots of tutorials popped up. Some of them look like they’d be complicated, but really they are very easy and fun to create.

Paper snowflake with pattern drawn.

Paper snowflake with pattern cut out.

Paper snowflake from a pattern.

Here are my paper snowflakes on the front door and sidelights…

Front door and sidelights with paper snowflakes.

You can find the little house wreath tutorial here.

And here are my paper snowflakes from the inside…

Paper snowflake cut out on window.

Patterned snowflakes on the front door.

Inside or out, I hope you’re enjoying the snow.

Have a great weekend!


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  1. This is so cute and such a great idea! Going to be looking for these at the estate sales.

    1. They are really plentiful at estate sales, aren’t they? The trick is to find white ones! Next year I may try to do a larger grouping of these snowflakes or hang some on a mobile:)

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