A New Vintage Color for an Ugly Table

I’ve had this ugly table that I found at an estate sale for a couple of years. I don’t know how it’s lasted so long in my possession without a new paint job. I’m usually itching to paint something. Anyhow, this boring old table is now sporting a “new” vintage color.

Here she is in her before state:

vintage color before

I’m pretty sure it was used as a sewing table and I think that it was upholstered at some point because I had to pick off spots of glue and little tufts of batting.

You may wonder why in the world I ever bought this table in the first place. Well, I actually searched for this table for a long time. You see, I needed one with very specific measurements to fit in a spot in my dining room in order to cover the plumbing access box for our outdoor shower.

This one fit the bill. And it was only $20:)

To get the “new” vintage color (is that an oxymoron?), the first step was to paint the piece. I chose a milk paint called Amy Howard Toscana. The color is Cote D’Azur. To me, it looks like a powdery, baby blue.

cote d'azur

Now I know I’m supposed to use a wax next. But……….I really hate using wax.

It’s so hard for me to get the color to turn out the way I want it to and I find that I have so much more control with glaze.

So, the next step was to seal the table with a clear coat, which makes it MUCH easier to glaze. I’m sure that most water-based clear sealers would work, but I used Varnish Plus Satin by Faux Effects.

varnish plus

Then, I brushed on a thin glaze in a walnut color and wiped and patted with cheesecloth until I was happy with the color and coverage.


After it dried, the top felt a little bumpy, so I sanded it lightly with a sanding block. As a happy accident, some of the original color peeked through in some spots.

vintage color toptable top

With some tlc and a vintage color, this ugly, little batting-covered table has become a real beauty.

vintage color 4

vintage color 8

vintage color 12

vintage color

Why did I wait so long?

Thanks for visiting and be sure to let me know if you have a question about this finish.

…Up next: how I aged the drawer pulls and one more antiquing technique.


Spring Greenery Candle Rings

I love home decor magazines and catalogs. It’s an “I-can’t-pass-them-up and I-read-them-cover-to-cover” kind of love 🙂

As much as I enjoy reading blogs and perusing through Pinterest, there’s just something about beautiful photos that are printed on actual paper.

Anyway, I received a Grandin Road catalog in the mail and spied some candle rings covered in faux greenery. They have some with flowers, too, but the green ones were my favorite.

And (of course) I thought, “I can make something like that!”

grandin road knock off_opt

So, here’s how I made the candle rings that I talked about last week when I did the aged paint treatment for my candlesticks.

First, I took some green floral stem wires and formed them into a circle that would fit on top of my candlestick. I used two wires per candle ring and shaped them so that they fit along the outside edge of the candlestick.

candle ring base_opt

Then I gathered up a bunch of different kinds of faux greenery. I already had most of it on hand from projects in the past.

candle ring greenery 1_opt


candle ring greenery 2_opt

 I did buy these three specifically for this project. They were purchased at Michael’s.

candle ring greenery 3_opt

First, I chose one type of greenery and used wire cutters to snip off a section. I wound it around my wire form and used smaller gauge floral wire to attach it in a couple of places, being sure to leave some of the sprigs free….

candle ring 1_opt


Then I chose another type and added it in the same way….

candle ring 2_opt


Then I attached some fern fronds with hot glue…..

candle ring 3_opt


Next, I set the candle ring on the candlestick and looked at it more closely. There were a few spots where I could see the plastic parts where the greenery was attached to the stems.

These aren’t too pretty…..

Image 4-11-14 at 5_opt

So, I hot glued some leaves to cover those areas….

Image 4-11-14 at 5_opt-2

I also filled in some bare spots and added some longer strands.

Then……..I completed this process 4 more times to make my five candle rings!

Here are all of them on my dining room table….

candle knock off 3_opt-2


candle knock off 1_opt


I took them outside to get a better picture of their true color…..


candle knock off 4_opt


candle knock off 6_opt


candle knock off 7_opt


Have a great weekend!


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